The Hope: “Break my plans!” – Cântec dedicat lui Nicolae Moldoveanu


Multumim lui Bebe Ceausu pentru semnalarea acestei melodii speciale!

Guarding the Gospel - Bebe Ciausu

This song is about Nicolae Modoveanu, a Romanian Christians, who was persecution of his faith during communist times. Song written and preformed by the band, “This Hope”.

The praise songs of a nation flowed from his hand.
And in a world of dark oppression he made a stand.
They told him to be silent, and lead him away.
Ten years was the sentence, a prisoner of faith.
As he waited for God’s timing
another winter chilled the air.
And when he thought of his own family was filled with despair.
So he cried out for justice, was there any other way.
But then he gave it all to Jesus, as he began to pray.

Break my plans, shape my heart.
Take my will to where you are.
Move my mind through Your word.
Till all that I am lives to love you, Lord.

I know I’m called to suffer and…

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